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HD Lace Virgin Hair Wig vs Transparent Lace front Virgin Hair Wig. What’s the difference?

Updated: May 29, 2023

HD Lace Wig typically have more of a tint on the lace. It is a natural tint that is very light.

Transparent Lace front wigs have no color at all on the lace. It is completely clear lace and many customers would agree that the lace is not as thin as HD lace. Some customers and wig wearers will say that the transparent lace wig is lighter in comparison to the HD lace.

HD Lace is typically more expensive because the lace is thin and often times does not need any lace tint, or make up. These wigs are understood as the highest quality lace, however that does not mean that HD lace are everyone’s favorite.

Many wig wearers love the transparent lace front wigs because they like to either tint the lace with makeup, tint spray, or with dye. It truly depends on your wig and lace front preference.

Both transparent lace front wigs can be melted down to the point where the wigs look natural like the wig is growing out of your head!

Some wig wearers believe the transparent lace front wigs have knots that look bigger than the HD Lacefront. This is understandable if the HD lace is thinner. Niether transparenct lace or HD lace looks “wiggy”. It all depends on how customers customize their wigs and their preferences.

It’s safe to say that the comparison between transparent lace front wigs and HD lace front wigs is not an arguement but a discussion of personal wig customization desires. The key to having a flawless look to your lace front wig is the quality of hair. Purchasing only virgin hair lace front wigs, or unprocessed lace front wigs is essential! Unprocessed hair is the best hair on the market and can last well over a year if not more based on maintenance.

The higher the quality hair on the lace front unit, the lesser the importance of type of lace front purchased. Virgin hair and unprocessed hair on either an HD lace front or a transparent lace front will bring out the best benefits of both style of the lace front.

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