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How to Cut Lace Off Lace Front Wig

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Many wig wearers want to make sure they cut the lace off their virgin frontal wigs in a way that makes the wig look perfect. Taylor’s Collection has some advice for cutting off the lace!

Plan what preliminary steps you want to take before you do anything to your wig. Make the decision if you want to tint the lace, bleach the knots, or bleach the hair first. This way you will be able to hold the lace on the wig easier while completing any of those options.

Clip the hair back first. You want to ensure that you do not cut any hairs on the hairline while cutting your lace.

Take note on what type of wig you have. If you have a 13x4 Lace Front unit you may want to keep more of the lace for versatile styles. If you have a 5x5 or 4x4 or T Part Lace wig, you may want to cut off more of the lace (which we would advise in order to not worry about any lifting for the smaller parting space frontals).

Use small thin scissors. The smaller the scissors the easier to control where you are cutting.

Place the wig on your head while you are cutting the wig. This will give you the best idea of how much lace you want to cut off.

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