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I don’t know how to do my natural hair

For those who struggle with their natural hair in terms of styling or not having the time to

allocate to maintaining their natural hair as desired, have you ever considered wearing a Virgin wig or Sew-Ins using virgin hair? Everyone’s hair journey looks different and doesn’t start the same, so it is important to know your natural hair journey may not look the same as everyone else's. Some may start from a big chop, transition, or being natural their entire lives, but now fully investing themselves into learning about their natural hair. Sometimes you can skip the hassle of not knowing which product from a company to buy by simply installing Sew-In or virgin wigs; Here is why.

For those transitioning in between processed hair and natural, or just starting your natural hair journey, you may not know how to maintain the styles you love while also making sure your hair is still healthy and cared for, so why not opt in for a virgin lacefront wig or sew-in that offers you the time you need to do research on products. You can avoid spending up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hair tools and products, which is about the same and most of the time less than purchasing the virgin hair wig or virgin hair for sew-ins (without the trouble and time!)

For those who are indecisive of what style to do or even struggling doing your natural hair you can install a lace front wig or sew-in because your natural hair is in a low tension and protective hairstyle, which is all your natural hair needs to grow.

While your natural hair is under a wig or sew-in, your hair will be braided into cornrows which allows it to retain length, moisture, and keep your hair healthy. These cornrows will be able to last your hair 8 to 12 weeks. You may be thinking that is a long time, but with the right care and maintenance your cornrows will be able to grow and give you time to focus on other aspects of your life and beauty rather than your hair.

You may be wondering why buy a virgin wig or virgin hair.

Virgin hair is real hair even though attached to lace it is still hair that can be dyed, styled using flat irons, flexi rods, and so much more. You can try styles using the virgin hair without damaging your natural hair. Virgin hair offers you the same versatility as your natural hair and you can also practice styles using your wig. And even with all styles the virgin hair can last from one to three years when properly taken care of which means any time you can throw on a lace front wig or get a sew-in whenever you feel like and the hair still looks healthy and fresh.

With virgin hair whether it be in a wig or sew-in it offers so much from time, practice, and versatile styles you can be ready for any occasion while also maintaining the care and health of your natural hair.

Authored by Lykya Simon

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