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Swimming & Natural Hair!

Let me set the scene you just finished getting natural hair flatiron with ends bumped, your hair is curled to the gods and you are loving every second of it and then out of nowhere while running your errands rain starts to pour down, not the mid of March rain, I mean summer rain the rain that happens while the sun is out and bright. This is every naturals worst nightmare spending all that money for the style to be ruined two hours later, or better yet, your at a pool party with sole purpose to look cute, no intention of getting wet just your feet into the pool until one of your family members or even stranger decides to cannon ball or push into the pool reverting your hair to its natural curl pattern.

Let's talk about your natural hair in chlorine, since the summertime is rolling around there will be many short days and many long nights at the pool or even beach somedays. Everyone knows when you have your hair out you have to wash the chlorine or salt water to prevent damage and replenish moisture to the hair. For every pool day planned is an extra wash day built into it; to get back time and not have to worry about your natural hair. Why not use Virgin hair and wigs to give you a natural feel as your natural hair while also giving you styles for the beach or pool.

With Virgin hair at the pool or beach you will be able to maintain your natural hair’s health. In cases when you are not completely submerged in water your Virgin hair or wig will be able to take all the chlorine or salt water without the look of your hair being messy. Just be sure you have water resistant glue for your lace front wig.When your hair is sewn using the Virgin hair you will not need glue. You also can fit a swimmers cap over your head, which sometimes doesn’t fit over an afro or natural hair most of the time.

When you plan to completely submerge you head into the water install a sew-in using virgin hair with an updo hairstyle, you can still look good and afterwards you can do a light wash to get the chlorine or salt water off the Virgin hair and your natural will be protected since it is cornrowed, for the leave out part you can redo the hair or blow it out, if you have sew in hair that is similar to your natural hair texture, your restyling time is reduced.

Instead of wearing your natural hair and having to worry about having all the products and time to redo your natural hair you can simply install a virgin hair lace front wig or sew-in. Even with a wig you can take it off any time you desire, therefore when it comes to beach or pool days opt in for a wig or sew-in using Virgin hair.

Authored by Lakya Simon

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