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The Natural Hair Journey Ups and Downs!

Whether you have been natural all your life or started your natural hair journey we all know having curly, coily, or kinky hair is a blessing from the versatility to endless the styles that are achieved, and the confidence in knowing the hair you are born with is beautiful in all its ways. However, maintaining and learning your natural hair is not an easy feat as one may have to scour shelves of hair products deciding on which line, brand, and type of cream or gel based product to purchase. There are many struggles and tough decisions to make along your natural hair journey.

Along your natural hair journey you will discover product lines and brands you will enjoy

and purchase; as new products are released you may try them out and add them to your collection. All naturals have staple products, but it takes a while to accumulate products that work well together. Natural hair is the biggest science experiment you will have to embark on to maintain your natural hair; maintaining your natural hair is expensive as you spend time and money on products and resources to help you achieve healthy hair. As a natural you are now part of the 8.74 billion dollar natural hair product industry, as you spend your hard earned money.

Not only is finding products that work well together a hassle, but spending time maintaining your natural hair is also challenging. For Wash days you spend at least two hours taking care of your hair and that doesn’t include styling your hair, this can lead to frustration with your natural hair, and even after several days depending on the style, it would last you several days and then you would have to repeat the process in one to two weeks. Once you have reached the point where being natural is exhausting it is time for you to opt in for protective styles or weaves and wigs.

Protective styles and weaves and wigs are a good alternative to give you and your natural hair a break from the constant styling. Protective style ie. Knotless box braids, passion twists are low tension and low manipulation hairstyles that offer you less time doing your hair, however protective styles can create a frizz over time, making it last not as long as weaves or wigs. In protective styles you still have to moisturize and oil your scalp (if desired) to maintain the look of the style. If you don’t want a frizzy hairstyle you have to maintain your natural hair as well, however with a weave ie. virgin hair or lace front wig you wouldn’t have to do as much work.

Working with a lace front wig all you have to do is braid your hair into cornrows, making sure your hair is freshly washed, moisturized and oil (as desired). After applying the lace front wig you have the versatility of your natural hair without the stress of constantly maintaining the hair. Same for Virgin hair, if you choose to use it you will be able to dye the hair to your desired color as well as use in a Sew Ins, it allows your natural hair to be braided fully without having to do as much as your protective styles. With virgin hair and a lace front wig you are able to take a break from constantly working on your natural hair while also having versatility.

Authored by Lakya Simon

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